MudTyper 2.0
01/10/2010 16:21 by mud ()

Like I mentioned earlier, Village 2.0 features the all new MudTyper Version 2. MudTyper 2 has two components: MudTyper Server, a light weight Cocoa HTTP server and MudTyper Renderer, the font renderer. On the Village website, MudTyper is integrated behind the rails application.

The Architecture

An overview of the architecture is shown below:


A POST request from the browser is sent to a Rails Metal URL periodically (as opposed to responding to keystroke events). The Rails Metal method verifies sessions, and request parameters and forwards them over to the MudTyper Server. The MudTyper Server then sends a request to MudTyper Renderer to create either a file that is saved to disk or a base64 encoded string depending on the user’s browser. The browser receives the image as a response and includes the rendered image into the page.


With this architecture, it is possible to scale for increased load. We can run multiple instances of MudTyper Server+Renderer, and use mod_proxy to get Apache to handle the load balancing.

Font Rendering

The new Renderer adds a lot of new support, including support for OpenType fonts with full kerning support, as well as many OTF features. For instance, we can now render Galaxie Cassiopeia‘s contextual alternates, adding smooth transitions between letters.

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