Office of Jeff
08/23/2012 10:54 by mud ()

Office of Jeff

I finished programming a website for my friend Jeff Lai. I made him design it so that we can support iOS devices and desktop browsers using only CSS. You know, responsive style. Finally his old site retires…that thing has been around since our Yale days. Of course BuzaMoto really needs some revamping, I’m working on it!

Exit to the Labyrinth
04/14/2012 11:03 by mud ()

I made a website for my friend Eileen for her new project. Check out the trailer and watch for the full feature!

Site Launch: MoMA Bobble Heads
01/26/2012 19:15 by mud ()

MoMA Armory Show 2012

MoMA asked us to create a website for their annual after party for the Armory Show. In addition to selling tickets, they decided to introduce a micro donation campaign this year; for those that want to contribute but cannot attend the event. We were delighted when they liked our pitch for creating digital bobble heads as a gift for donating. There will also be a live stream of the event.

The website is a pretty straight forward e-commerce site, but we got to use Stripe as a payment processor for the first time. I love them and so should you. We created a simple admin interface that allows MoMA to manage orders.

As for the bobble heads, we implemented it with a little JavaScript + Canvas magic. Unfortunately, in order to support InternetShitExplorer version < 9; we had to create an additional Flash version. Thankfully converting most of the JS into ActionScript was trivial.

We got Luis to do all the illustrations for the bobble heads. It was great working with Luis. It felt like being back at the lab, PLW style. This may turn into a new startup ;)

Anyway, check me out! And see you at the party on March 7, 2012! I’ll be there. Will you?

Site Launch: Faile Sites
11/21/2011 09:28 by mud ()

Faile Sites

Our friends at Faile usually create a microsite for their projects. This task is time consuming and they asked us to make them something that will minimize the task. We created Faile Sites which allow Faile to do just that. Currently, the app hosts two of their current exhibitions, check them out: Houston & Bowery mural and Fragments of Faile.

Site Launch: Society Creative
11/11/2011 11:38 by mud ()

It’s been a while since the last blog post, but it doesn’t mean we haven’t done anything! Summer was pretty crazy, including a trip to Sydney for work. We have more stuff coming and the fall/winter is looking busy.

We just launched a redesigned website for Society Creative. They were great clients, Matt let us do what we wanted and we thank him for that. The website uses asynchronous calls and supports History. It also enables iOS users to swipe for moving between gallery images — which was implemented by using JSGestureRecognizer. I think this was the first time I actually used it for a commercial project. Anyway, I think the site allows users to get a great look at SC’s work without burdening them with too much branding.

BuzaMoto @ WWDC 2011
06/06/2011 00:53 by mud ()

Fellow nerds. Kyle and I are at WWDC this week. Lets hang out and have a beer. See you early tomorrow morning!

Site Launch: Knoll myGeneration
06/02/2011 00:01 by mud ()

Knoll myGeneration - Sit How You Want

I’m a horrible blogger and it takes me forever to write an entry. But I really wanted to tell you about a new project we created for Knoll called myGeneration.

Thankfully there’s already a Cool Hunting article which fills in for my blog-o-phobia. Read about it there!

Finally, to the Knoll team. Hope you have a great time at NeoCon 2011!

Faile Puzzle Boxes
05/26/2011 10:14 by mud ()

Faile Puzzle Boxes

We have some exciting news today. After months of work, we are finally launching a project for our friends at Faile. We created a digital representation of Faile Puzzle Boxes, available as an app for the iPhone/iPad and a Web App. Best of all, both are free!

The webapp allows Faile to upload new puzzles for both webapp and iOS app. When new iOS puzzles are uploaded, it becomes available to the iOS app users for download. In the coming months, Faile will be adding new puzzles periodically, so make sure you download the app now!

The iTunes AppStore has lots of games and utilities. Why I’m excited about this app is because it’s an art object — a digital recreation of the physical puzzle box; not slick or pretentious, just simple and honest. It will be interesting to see how art can be distributed through the AppStore.

Finally, big thanks to Faile for hiring us for this project. The hardest part of creating an app is to have a client that is willing to fund the project.

05/25/2011 14:26 by buza ()

Now available in the app store: Pendipity.

Pendipity is a collaborative drawing app for the iPad. Similar iPad apps in the app store can connect you to someone only as long as they’re on the same network (i.e. sitting next to you). What’s particularly unique about Pendipity is that it connects you to remote users randomly, regardless of physical location. If you’re thinking, “Hey, this is just like a Chatroulette for drawing!”, you’d be right. While a single-user drawing mode exists, Pendipity is most enjoyable when drawing with others. Open the app, and wait for another user to connect. Once you’re connected, you’ve got a shared drawing canvas with someone that could be down the street, or around the world.

As we’ve learned from the logo drawing tool we offer on the main BuzaMoto page, there are those types of people that prefer to draw obscenities under the guise of anonymity. We’re hoping that the $2.99 price tag will prevent such users from entering into the pool of Pendipity users that you might get paired with. Time will tell.

In the meantime, if you’ve got an iPad, grab Pendipity from the app store and get drawing!

Site Launch: Knoll Antenna™ Workspaces
04/22/2011 18:08 by mud ()

Following the preview website we made last summer, we just launched the full site for Knoll Antenna™ Workspaces.